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Immerse yourself in nature and discover its soothing power. Waking up to the rising sun, birdsong and the smell of the morning dew. Find yourself feeling energised and inspired. Breathe in and embrace our secret locations.


With minimal impact on the earth and maximum comfort you will feel grounded and relaxed. Experience our off-grid cabins, live self-sufficiently and in total harmony with nature. Far from the world, yet close to home.


Choose to travel slow and lighten your pace. No stress of choice, panicked planning or running back and forth, simply slowing down and consciously reflecting. Enjoy 'the little things' with a fresh look and more time than you ever thought you had.

Relax, escaping is easy

How it works

How it works

Book your cabin when you're ready, fill in your details and check your mailbox for the confirmation email.

Stay confirmed? That's great! Now, take a breath, put the dates of your stay in your calendar and lets go. We'll take it from here. Two weeks before departure you will receive an email from us with all the necessary information about your stay, including the address.

Ready to go? Read the brochure for a final baggage check and off you go! Enjoy tunes along the way, visit one of the farm shops or restaurants we've recommended and be surprised by your new favorite spot on arrival. See you on the other side!

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Not just a tree for every booking ...

Slow Cabins strives for a net green added value in which more guests lead to more nature. We plant a tree for every new booking and, together with our location partners, we invest in local nature conservation and landscape enrichment. You, by staying with us, are actively contributing to this as well. In this way we all work together towards a more beautiful, greener world. Different, slower and better.


Get a glimpse of cabin life and discover how our precious guests spend their @slow_cabins time.

Coffee, a candle and breakfast with a view. ☕️ What a lovely saturday morning on this first day of October. How do you like to spend your slow mornings?⁠

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Autumn will have never felt so cosy and warm. The sound of a crackling fire and the smell of freshly burnt wood makes you appreciate life’s simplest pleasures. 🔥⁠

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"We had a fantastic time at Slow Cabins Ireland. It was a truly magical experience, in the most beautiful setting. We are looking forward to returning in the winter, so we can light the stove!"⁠

Thank you to one of our guests for these lovely words. 🤍⁠

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Your dog is more than welcome 🐾 Is there anything more satisfying than enjoying the changing seasons out of a cabin AND watching your dog live its life to the fullest in it at the same time? We have transformed one of our cabins into a dog friendly cabin. Your furry friend is now more than welcome to enjoy a unique autumn getaway together with you.⁠

And there's even more, we have an exciting collaboration incoming with some delicious natural dog treats just around the corner. More about that soon ... Keep an eye on our Instagram account. 👀⁠

You can book your dog cabin now via our link in bio!⁠ All you have to do is select the dog option. 🦮

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Hello autumn 🍂 The days are getting colder, shorter and wetter. And that means only one thing: cosy cabin season has officially started. 🥰🍁⁠ Our cabins are ready to keep you warm and dry while the season changes outside.⁠

What's your favorite thing about autumn?⁠

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Is there anything better than a good meal after a full day of relaxing, exploring and simply doing nothing? 🍝 Each Slow Cabin comes with a well-equipped kitchen with everything you need: a small refrigerator, a stove with two fires, crockery, cooking utensils and an outdoor wood barbecue with grill plate and seating.⁠

We also provide the essential ingredients and amenities for the kitchen and bathroom, such as olive oil, salt and pepper, coffee, tea, soap and towels. 🧂⁠

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Want to surprise your loved ones with the meaningful gift of rest, togetherness and quality time in nature? Discover our Slow Cabins gift vouchers via the link in bio.🎁⁠

When we give experiences instead of material objects, the joy lingers longer in so many ways. The opening of the gift, the exciting anticipation of the trip, the unexpected moments along the way, the memories that last forever. It’s far more enduring than any gift you can wrap. They don’t break or become outdated; they only get more precious over time. ✨⁠

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Did you know that our cabins are placed in secret locations? 🤫 We carefully choose our dreamy locations only to tell you exactly where you are going two weeks before you leave. This allows you to surprise yourself and fully fantasize about how your mini paradise is going to look like. Isn’t that exciting? 🤩

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The sun is setting on what was a beautiful Summer season @slow_cabins_ireland and we loved this recent photo of beautiful couple @ruthstoran and her Husband Billy relaxing in the late evening sun.

As the days get slightly shorter, our cabins are the perfect option for an Autumn/ Winter escape.

For us, there's nothing better than watching a wild west coast storm pass through while snuggled up in bed, kept warm by a cosy log burner and not a care in the word. Yes, please!

Let us take away the stress of the choice and book you're escape over on We're excited to welcome you 🍂🍁


📷 @emjcamera

Ever wanted to take a break, escape the rat race and discover your very own stunning off grid cabin nestled neatly in Irish countryside?

Think 2 minutes from fresh Atlantic sea air in a place steeped in rich heritage and local culture. Perfect Gunness, freshly roased coffee and seafood to die for. We could go on!

Now you can consciously choose to live the slow life for at least a few days, take a well deserved break and recharge with someone you love at @slow_cabins_ireland first Irish location in The Burren Lowlands.

Check out out late summer launch pricing over on, valid for just 2 more weeks.

See you there 🐌


A soft sunset at Ash Cabin just a few nights ago. As we welcomed our first guests, this warmed our hearts 💛

We're now open for bookings on with some great late summer introductory pricing, check it out. 🐌


Did you know that we plant a native Irish tree for every booking? 🌳 And our love for local nature goes beyond that. At our first locations, we’re already contributing to regenerating the meadow through landscaping and planting wildflowers. 🌸

We’re also working with the National University of Galway to monitor our ecological impact over time. Early signs (and our goal) is that we will be the most eco friendly accomodation offering in Ireland. ☘️

We consider the nurturing and reconstruction of nature to be our most valuable investment. That’s why Slow Cabins strives for a net green added value and invests in projects that rebuild local nature.

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Some more sneak peeks of the wonderful scenery you wake up to when staying in a Slow Cabin 💚 You can be one of our very first guests to experience our brand new cabins in Ireland. 1st of august is the day 🤩 Link in bio to book your off grid getaway in nature.

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Summer has finally arrived at our first secret location and the cabins are starting to merge comfortably with their surroundings. Just look at that wildflower meadow 😍

This Cabin is available to book for your digital detox from August onwards 💚


These long evenings are made for cosy barbecues on a selfmade fire🔥 🍖⁠

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What our guests are saying

About a Slow Cabins weekend


Slow Cabins® are temporary eco houses that are completely self-sufficient when it comes to water and electricity provisions. They are situated in secret locations close to home and rose from the Slow (travel) movement, more about Slow Travel on our concept page. In a Slow Cabin there is no Internet as well, which means that you slow down and break free from the stress of everyday life.


Self-sufficient lodging is unique. Not only are you going back to basics, you also gain more respect for nature and the environment. You become acquainted with the slower pace of nature and learn to accept it as it is.

Upon your arrival, you are given a fully charged battery – charged by solar panels. In addition, you get a substantial water reservoir filled with filtered rainwater. At normal consumption levels, you can live completely self-sufficiently with ‘zero impact’ for several days (even during the winter months). So as your cabin’s battery discharges, yours recharges.

However substantial, your resources are not endless, during your self-sufficient stay, heightened awareness of how you use energy and water is thus essential. Throughout your stay, you can monitor your battery, as well as your rainwater levels, on a display in the Slow Cabin.

Being obligated to keep an eye out for your resource levels raises consciousness and promotes active awareness of your footprint during a your stay. A consciousness, many of our guest take home with them. Off-the-grid vacations are no longer a romantic dream – they’re an absolute reality! Read more on our Off-grid technology on our concept page


Our Slow Cabins® are set up at temporary locations, which we keep strictly confidential. Don’t worry, they are no further than 2.5 hours’ drive from large central cities in Ireland. So, there is always one in your neck of the woods, pun intended :)!

When you make a reservation, you will receive all the relevant information on your Slow Cabin two weeks before departure. A brochure will tell you how to get there as well as information on activities in and around the cabin, from beautiful walks to cosy local eateries and other surprising slow activities.


Our Time for Two cabins are suitable for up to 2 people

We can provide a baby cot on request for up to 1 child at some of our cabins. Please select this during your reservation under “extra services”.


Oh no, that is too bad! Contact us as soon as possible at info[at] and we’ll look for a solution together.


Due to the logistical complexity of servicing the Slow Cabins®, it is not yet possible to reserve meals. However, in the cabins, you have access to an equipped kitchen with a small gas burner and a wood BBQ, make sure to pack your chef’s hat.

It is entirely up to you whether you bring food along (or prepare at home to heat up in the cabin), buy daily fresh ingredients in the local shops or to go to a restaurant in the neighbourhood.

In our brochures, which we send to you two weeks before your stay, you will find all kinds of delicious tips on where to buy fresh local produce and where to find the best restaurants.


Slow Cabins® are relatively small houses (<40 m2) which contain everything you need and nothing you don’t need.

Each Slow Cabin is equipped with a queen-sized bed (including linens), a bathroom with a warm shower and toilet, a wood-burning stove in the living room, a small, furnished kitchen with a refrigerator, a cooktop with two burners, flatware/silverware, cookware and utensils, a wood-burning barbecue (outdoor) with a grill plate and outdoor furniture. Everything you need to light the barbecue is at hand.

The most basic ingredients and supplies for the kitchen and bathroom, such as olive oil, salt and pepper, coffee and tea, soap and towels, are also present. Find a complete overview on everything that is present in the cabins on our Time for Two cabin page.

Our aim, by only providing the absolute necessities, is to give our guests the gift of peace, quiet and happiness. You can book your cabin here


Definitely! Two weeks before your stay, we will send you not only the info about the location of your cabin but also a brief guide to all the fun activities that are on offer in the vicinity of your Slow Cabin. What’s more, in the cabin itself you will also find various walking routes and brochures.

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