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Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in an off-grid cabin surrounded by nothing but silence, tranquility and endless nature.

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🐌 Slow Cabins Ireland is an impact-oriented concept w environmental and social responsibility at its core. Voted "Top 5 Sustainable Stays in Ireland" this slow tourism business is putting its best foot forward to lower its carbon footprint. Their cabins use willow beds for filtering grey water, the roofs are jam packed with solar panels, they have compost toilets which help rejuvenate the land and they give back a percent of profit to support nature regeneration on their host site.⁠

♻️ Multi award winning green business reuzi is taking the sustainable living community by storm. Not only do they sell eco-conscious everyday essential products online but they also offer a powerful educational hub on all things sustainable living. The ripple effect has already begun to inspire us to be better humans and to make a real, tangible difference to the environmental crisis.⁠

Together, they are putting a focus on purpose driven business beyond just profit 🤜🤛Let's create a world where conscious choices become second nature.⁠

Want to learn more? Link in bio to check out their websites⁠

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T&Cs Apply: the winner will receive a mid week stay, excluding holidays. Winner announced 1/12/23

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Have you heard of the 3-Day Effect❔
It delves into the scientific aspects of why spending a minimum of three days in nature can lead to:
😁 increased happiness
💪improved health and
🎨 enhanced creativity

Scientific research has established that immersing oneself in nature for three days or more reduces anxiety, amplifies creative thinking, and contributes to a heightened sense of overall well-being.

If you’re looking for an escape to nature, check out our cabins, link in bio 🍃

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A place of silence in a loud world 🌎
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🎥 by the talented @lucallessandro
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🎶 Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of? 🎶

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We all share this planet, let's treat it right 🌍️ Today marks Earth Overshoot Day, a not-so-gentle reminder that we've used up our planet's resources for this year. Meaning we would now need 1.7 planets Earth to produce what all humans combined consume annually. It's time to rethink, reduce, and restore.⁠

That's why we try to keep our impact on planet Earth as low as possible. By placing our cabins off-grid, we, together with all of our guests, enjoy nature and life at a slower pace without leaving a footprint. Creating light with solar power, showering with filtered rain water and accepting that very often 'less is more'. ⁠

Let's rewrite the future together, for a thriving planet that can support us all. 💚🌿⁠

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Ready, steady, slow 🐌
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It’s not your average “self check in” process at @slow_cabins_ireland. There are a bunch of friendly faces waiting to greet you 🐴🐐🐑🫏🐷🐰 at @burrennaturesanctuary
So make sure you say hello to them on the way to your cabin and boost those serotonin and dopamine levels of yours 😘
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A stay at @slow_cabins_ireland is a little bit of what we all need from time to time; time for us, time to unwind, time to savour life’s little joys, time for nature, time to disconnect, time to slow down 🐌 and let the magic of life unfold ✨

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Looking for an escape off the beaten track? Book your Slow Cabin through the link in bio ✨🌿 ...

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We had a little visitor outside one of our cabins the other day, a beautiful little hedgehog 🦔⁠
You never know what creatures you'll find wandering around the cabins. ⁠

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May your Sunday be filled with simple, joyful moments that make time stand still 🥰 Like morning snuggles in bed 🐶 ...

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About a Slow Cabins weekend

Why should I stay with Slow Cabins®?

Slow Cabins aims to create a positive impact on people and planet. We do this by organising slow experiences, raising off-grid awareness and regenerative nature building in Europe.

Slow Cabins are ecological cabins (30-40 m²) that are completely self-sufficient in terms of water and electricity. They are located in magical locations in the great outdoors, where you can slow down and disconnect from everyday stress.

The cabins are spread over several regions in Flanders and Ireland at a driving distance of less than 2-2.5 hours from major cities. Fourteen days before your stay, we will send you a brochure with the exact location of your stay.

How much is a stay at Slow Cabins?

You can find the prices on our booking platform. The exact price depends on the season, cabin, location and whether you want to stay in a holiday period, week or weekend.

Our prices range between 175 and 275 euros per night for a two-night stay. If you stay longer than two nights, you get a discount.

Making a Slow Cabins experience happen in the middle of nature is not an easy task. Our professional cleaning team is available every day to prepare the most remote cabins for a magical stay in all weather conditions.

Slow Cabins are completely self-sufficient. That means your hot water, electricity and heating comes 100% from nature. The ten high-tech solar panels generate energy that is stored in the latest home batteries. You will have enough electricity during your stay with normal consumption.

In addition, each cabin has a water tank that can hold 1,500 litres of rainwater. That water is then filtered through three filters so you can shower and cook safely. Afterwards, a natural helophyte bed ensures that the waste water can be returned to the ground clean and safe. This keeps the impact on nature to a bare minimum.

We also provide everything you need and nothing you don’t. This way you can enjoy an unforgettable stay, close to yourself and nature.


Slow Cabins are designed for comfortable stays for two people, equipped with a queen-size bed (160×200).

Would you like to book a unique experience with some friends or family? Our cabins in Ireland are located relatively close to one another. Contact us for more information.


We always have a couple of cabins where pets are allowed. Make sure to select that you are bringing your pet when booking your stay.

For hygienic reasons and possible allergies of guests, we also have specific cabins where pets are not allowed so that everyone can safely enjoy a Slow Cabins stay.


We offer stays from two to seven nights. We believe this is the minimum to fully unwind and get away from the craziness of everyday life. You can check in on all days of the week, except for Sundays. Check-in is possible from 4pm.

To prepare the cabin for your next stay, we ask you to check out by 11am at the latest. You can opt for a late check-out (1pm on weekdays or 5pm on Sundays) when booking.

If availability allows, it is possible to deviate from the above schedule. Feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


In the brochure, which you will receive fourteen days before your arrival, you will find a list of local (sustainable) partners where you can go for shopping, buying meals or going out to restaurants.

Due to the logistical complexity of Slow Cabins, it is not yet possible to book meals that are delivered to your cabin today. In the cabin you will find all basic ingredients and kitchen utensils to prepare a tasty meal. There is also a wood barbecue outside.

It is entirely up to you whether you bring your own food, buy something locally in the local shops or go out for a meal in the neighbourhood.

Do you have more questions?

Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

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