3 reasons to enjoy a winter recharge before it’s too late

February 23, 2022


Can you believe we already said goodbye to the coldest month of the year? The sun greets us a little earlier every morning and likes to hang out a little longer in the evening. Spring is coming – you can feel it in the air! As we approach the tail-end of winter, we invite you to enjoy the last weeks of the season and cherish all the tranquil it offers.

Here are three reasons why you should enjoy a winter recharge:

An invitation to enjoy the little things

Winter is the perfect time to bundle up and appreciate the little things around you. From watching delicate snowflakes slowly fall off the sky to enjoying the aromatic smell of burnt wood, it’s an invitation to enjoy a slower pace of life and spend time drawing inward.

A change in scenery and routine is healthy for us

Not only does it spark more excitement and enable us to relish new and novel experiences, but it also helps improve our cognitive abilities. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to rewire itself by repairing old neural connections or creating new ones. Getting outside of your comfort zone and experiencing new things can improve the brain’s neuroplasticity.

Spending time in nature is good for you, no matter the season

Whether you plan to enjoy a quiet stroll around the park or a hike in the woods, it’s hard to deny the powerful effect of nature on how we feel. Not only does heading outdoors support our physical well-being during the winter months, it also has been linked to positive mental traits such as improved attention span, stronger focus, and increased creativity. In short: the more often we get out of the house, the happier and healthier we become.

Ready to discover the stillness of nature before it awakes from its hibernation? Book your Slow Cabin now and wake up in a cozy cocoon of warmth and tranquility in the middle of winter landscapes.

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