7 Reasons you need to book a stay at Slow Cabins today

November 11, 2020

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In need of a getaway? Would you like to unplug from city life? Ever dreamed about experiencing life off-grid, independent from anyone else? We don’t blame you and we have the answer.

With various secret off-grid locations no more than two hours away from the major cities in the Benelux, Slow Cabins® is the perfect home away from home in nature for you and your loved ones. 

Any reason is good enough for a Slow Cabins® escape but these are our top seven.

1. Reconnect to your loved ones

Whether they are your friends, your partner or your kids, a Slow Cabins experience is what you are looking for. Far away from distracting stimuli and the stress of hyper-connection, Slow Cabins® selected the most beautiful, isolated locations tailored for the busy, busier and busiest city dwellers. Find the peace in tranquillity and experience the satisfaction of uninterrupted quality time.  

2. Get your creative juices flowing

It’s a fact that immersing yourself in nature boosts your creativity, an effect you’ll start to feel after just 12 hours! So if you’re a writer, musician, architect, entrepreneur, an artist or someone who just needs to look at things from a new perspective, get those juices flowing. Bring your guitar, your diary, laptop, art supplies or whatever else you’d be needing and find yourself channeling the power of nature and the inspiration it offers. 

3. A fine surprise

Who is the next person you are looking to surprise? Whether it is for the upcoming holiday season, a birthday you got coming up or something worth celebrating, whatever reason, you can be sure to surprise with a Slow Cabins voucher. Who wouldn’t want to get a unique weekend getaway? Hop over to our voucher page and after purchase, you’ll receive a digital voucher for you to personalize your gift. 

4. Experience life off-grid

Ever wondered how your life would look like off grid? How it feels when water, electricity and warmth is provided by the nature you walk in? In a Slow Cabin the water you use to shower is provided by the rain and gets heated by the power of the sun. The snuggly temperature of your cosy cabin comes from a stove that you lighted yourself. Go to sleep under the light of the stars to wake up at the warmth of the morning sun. During your stay at Slow Cabins you’ll experience the essentials of life at the pace of nature.    

5. A heart for nature

Are you someone who not only loves to experience nature at its fullest but who is also eager to help out and actively support its restoration and conservation? Then a stay at Slow Cabins® is what you are looking for. For every booking made, a new tree is planted and our Impact Investment Fund supports local nature initiatives. With the possibility to book a stay at our off grid ecodesign cabins we not only have a minimal negative impact on the environment, we actively strive for a green gain. Where more guests lead to more nature instead of the other way around. 

6. New locations on the way

In the rare case that you have experienced all of our locations on offer, this one’s for you! In the next two months we will be opening up a bunch of new Cabins, some in the most unexpected of settings. So if you have already experienced some of our Slow destinations and are eager for more and new surprises, make sure to keep an eye out for our announcements and be the first to discover the marvel of our best kept secrets. 

7. Because what else are you going to do these days

It’s a weird time and we have no idea how long we’ll live in an era of lockdowns and quarantine. But that does not mean you need to lock yourself in all the way! Thankfully non-essential commuting is still allowed for the time being, which means you can get out of the house and into the wild. Take a break from Corona and recharge during a coronaproof short term stay(cation) with your personal bubble in some of the most beautiful, undiscovered, natural gems in Belgium.  

Do these sound like music to your ears? Then book your stay or gift voucher today! You’ll thank us later.

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