Slow Cabins® led by Matthew Parkinson in Ireland, is our answer to slowing down through addressing the conflicted relationships we have with the tech in our lives.

Founded by Xavier Leclair in Belgium, Slow Cabins® was conceived through his fascination in circular business and impact-driven entrepreneurship. After completely immersing himself in the world of eco concepts and the slow movement,  he made the leap to lead to a purpose-driven ‘start-up’ in 2017.

Originally focused in Belgium, Slow Cabins® now aims to have a broader impact in Europe, with Ireland playing host to the first international cabins. One thing that remains the same regardless of geography is our focus on the ‘eco-social’ as opposed to strictly the financial.

Matthew Parkinson leads the Irish project, and with the team here expected to grow in the coming years we look forward to introducing you to them in due course! In the background a small but dedicated international team are all working (often remotely) together to bring the project here to life.

In the meantime we’re fortunate to work with some wonderful landowners with whom we share values and who join us on this exciting early stage of our journey on Irish shores.



“ Maybe our society needs 'Slowify' more urgently than Spotify. Nature, time and attention to one another have become the most precious commodities in our fast-paced society. ”

— Xavier Leclair