Preparing for your winter getaway

December 15, 2020

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The time for winter getaways is almost upon us! The days are growing shorter and temperatures are going down. Winter is around the corner and nature is taking a nap. The trees are turning bare, and the animals are getting ready for their season-long slumber. There’s something soothing and tranquil about nature being in standstill in winter that makes it a perfect time to go outdoors and recenter. After a day spent outside, what could be cozier than being snuggled up inside a warm cabin with a hot cup of tea in your hands?

Here are some cold weather tips to help you prepare and enjoy a winter getaway:

1. Layer up

Whether you’re planning to go on a long trail or just a short walk, layering is key to enjoying time spent outdoors in a winter wonderland. It’s a good way to keep your temperature well-regulated without having to lug a thick and heavyweight jacket everywhere you go. The trick is to go for thin and breathable fabrics – such as fleece or wool – as this will make it easy for you to quickly add or remove layers as needed. Think like a skier but without the skis and don’t forget to bring a pair of gloves and a hat along with you too.

2. Bring a pair of good boots

Snow is wonderful to look at and play in but it can also make the ground slushy and wet, so make sure to bring a sturdy pair of boots with you. We recommend something waterproof and insulated to keep your socks dry and protect your feet from the cold. Choose a pair with non-slip rubber soles to give you traction on icy surfaces and avoid getting yourself into slippery situations. Also, while we’re at it, when going for a walk out in the icy cold, we would definitely recommend wearing skiing socks to. You’ll thank us later.

3. Go out for a winter walk

Heading out on a winter walk is not only a great way to warm up, the invigorating cold air can clear your mind and reduce stress too. Not to mention, exposing yourself to natural daylight can do wonders for your mood. While you’re at it, give it your full attention. Enjoy the snow crunch under your boots and listen carefully to the sound of the icy tree branches tinkling in the wind. These are moments you can only cherish during you’re getaway in the winter months.

4. Do nothing

Let the cold be your invitation to be still. Give yourself permission to do nothing and just be truly off. Do something as mundane as looking up to the stars or watching the snow fall on the ground. You’ll be surprised at how something this simple may provide exactly the kind of rest that you need.

5. Don’t resist the snuggle

Sit close to the stove and just enjoy the sound of crackling fire and the smell of freshly burnt wood. Light a candle, wrap yourself up in a blanket and just appreciate life’s simplest pleasures. Whether it’s reading a book on your own, cooking a fresh meal together or playing a board game together with your loved one(s), these moments of slowing down help you recharge and recenter. Furthermore, they give a major boost to your creativity and productivity.

A high-efficiency wood-burning stove is installed in the living space of each cabin to keep you warm and cozy even during the coldest of winter days. Did you know that our cabins are very well-insulated because of the use of only natural materials? We’ve also stocked each cabin with cold-weather essentials like tea, a fire starter kit and a selection of books to help you enjoy your winter adventure.

Ready for your winter slow escape?

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