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About the concept

What exactly are ‘Slow Cabins®’?

Slow Cabins® are eco cabins that are completely self-sufficient when it comes to water and electricity supply. They are situated in hidden gem locations around Ireland and arose from the Slow (travel) movement, more about Slow Travel on our concept page. In a Slow Cabin there is no Internet, but all the comfort you need, which means that you slow down and break free from the stress of everyday life. Curious? Take a look at our gallery here! 

What do you mean by ‘self-sufficient’?

Self-sufficient lodging means living without direct connection to mains electricity or water. Not only are you going back to basics (in comfort), you also gain more respect for nature and the environment and that’s a big part of what we stand for. You become acquainted with a slower pace of life and learn to accept nature it as it is.

Upon your arrival, you are provided with a charged battery – powered by solar panels on the roof. In addition, you get a substantial water reservoir filled with filtered rainwater for washing. Water for drinking and cooking are provided separately. At normal consumption levels, you can live completely self-sufficiently with ‘zero impact’ for several days (the winter months are a bit more of a challenge). So as your cabin’s battery discharges, yours recharges.

Although sufficient, energy resources are not endless, during your stay, heightened awareness of how you use energy and water is kind of essential. Throughout your stay, you can monitor your battery, as well as your rainwater levels, on a display in the Slow Cabin. A challenge to embrace!

Being obligated to keep an eye out for your resource levels raises consciousness and promotes active awareness of your footprint during a your stay. A consciousness many of our guests take home with them, something particularly important in the times we live in. Off-the-grid vacations are no longer a romantic dream – they’re an absolute reality! Read more on our Off-grid technology on our concept page

Where are the Slow Cabins® located?

Our Slow Cabins® are nestled away at one beautiful location in Ireland jut of The Wild Atlantic Way near the beautiful fishing village of Kinvara! We will fill you in with everything you need to no about 2 weeks prior to travel.

Keep an eye out for new locations launching, eventually there will always be one in your neck of the woods, offering a range of locations and landscapes to enjoy.

When you make a reservation, you will receive all the relevant information on your Slow Cabin two weeks before departure. A brochure will tell you how to get there as well as information on activities in and around the cabin, from beautiful walks to cosy local eateries and other surprising slow activities.

How many Slow Cabins® are currently available?

We currently have 5 cabins available at our first location, each with enough personal space to breathe freely. You may bump into other guests occasionally but no one else!

Our cabins are never more than a 2.5 hour drive from major cities like Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick (Sorry for now, Belfast, you’re still welcome to visit though!).

Our first cabins are located tucked away in the Burren Lowlands in County Galway not far from the quaint fishing village of Kinvara! We will have new cabins nestled in the Hidden Heartland’s and the Ancient East as soon as possible.

When you make a reservation, you will receive all relevant information about your Slow Cabins journey about two weeks before your stay. You will receive a brochure with off-grid cabin tips (well worth a read!) and details about your slow escape. It will include information on activities in and around the cabin, from beautiful walks to cozy local restaurants and other surprising slow activities.

Our cabins sleep a maximum of 2 adults  and are almost exclusively booked by couples for romantic weekends away, but can be used to reconnect with an old friend or a loved one (if you’re happy sharing a bed!). You can read all about everything about the Time for Two cabins here.

Ps. We’re hard at work building new cabins and finding beautiful new secret locations. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Do you need a car to get to a Slow Cabin?

At our first site, in short – yes, a car is easiest! However we do have people visit us by public transport. Do get in touch and we’ll do out best to help you plan your route.

Contact us on and we’ll get right back to you!




Is my pet welcome?

Yes, bring your furry friend along to your Slow Cabin. Just a few things to note if you do:

  • 10% of all our dog packages will go straight to Madra Dog Rescue, Galway.
  • Just book as normal and be sure to add your furry friend as an additional extra so we can allocate your cabin correctly.
  • This is at an additional fee of €35 for the duration of your stay.
  • Please email to arrange this if you have not included this already in your booking.
  • We allow up to two pets per cabin.
  • We will have a bed ready for your furry friend as well as a water bowl and poo bags.
  • Our cabins do not have an enclosed fence area for your pet to roam free.
  • When outside the cabin, your pet must be kept on a lead at all times as we are situated in a nature sanctuary where there are many wild animals we must not disturb.
  • If you have any specific requests, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

How many people can stay in a Slow Cabin?

Our Time for Two cabins are suitable for up to 2 adults. This is usually a romantic couple but two close friends wanting to reconnect is perfectly fine (just be comfortable in sharing a bed!)

We have a limited number of baby cot’s on request for up to 1 child. Please select this during your reservation under “extra services”. (quantities limited).

You can't just stay in unspoilt nature, can you?

Nature and respect for nature are the basis of Slow Cabins®. It not only works wonders for our resilience, it also allows us to really unwind. Slow Cabins® therefore resolutely opts for hidden gem locations in peaceful countryside. However, our autonomous eco-cabins are not located in national nature reserves or protected areas. They are secluded in hidden, non-vulnerable nature, a stone’s throw from various cycling and / or walking routes near nature reserves and national parks.

From the vision of doing things differently, Slow Cabins® actively re-invests in the reconstruction and conservation of local nature. In this way, Slow Cabins® and its guests together work towards a net green added value, where more guests also lead to more nature instead of the other way around. Read more about our vision on nature on our concept page or our initiatives page.

Can I purchase a Slow Cabin?

Our self-engineered and sustainably designed Slow Cabins ® are currently not for sale but do get in touch if you’re interested in exploring investment opportunities or partnering with Slow Cabins ®. Occasionally we will have a pre-loved cabin for sale so feel free to get in touch via .

Vouchers and reservations

How can I reserve and pay for my stay?

We work with an automatic reservation system. That way you can easily select complete your booking online. Select how many cabins you would like to book, select your preferred dates, fill out the form and make an secured online reservation with your credit card.

Would you like to make a reservation in another way or use a good old-fashioned bank transfer? No problem! Simply contact us using the contact form or directly at info[at], and we will send all the necessary details.

Why do I have to book a minimum of two nights?

At Slow Cabins®, we believe that you can only experience the Slow Cabins® effect when spending at least 48hs in a Slow Cabin.

We also offer optional extended stays at the weekend (Sunday’s).

Why is check-in only possible on Mondays, Wednesday or Fridays?

For logistical reasons, it is too complex to organise daily check-in. Thanks to these set check-in days, we can maintain our high standards.


Can I give the gift of time off in Slow Cabin?

Of course you can! You can purchase a voucher here.

Can I extend the validity period of my voucher?

Your voucher is valid for 5 years after the date of purchase. The expiry date applies only to the use of the voucher code. So you can reserve a date for your stay that lies beyond the expiry date.

Have you just been too busy to reserve a stay? Well, then, you are obviously in need of a stay in one of our Slow Cabins®!  Send us a mail immediately, to info[at], to extend your voucher and we will see what we can do.

Remember to treat your voucher like cash as we can’t replace lost or stolen vouchers.

May I request an invoice?

Absolutely! As soon as you have paid, you will be sent an invoice together with your reservation confirmation. Can’t find the mail we sent? Or did you forget to mention your VAT number with your payment? Then send an email to info[at], we will help you as soon as possible.

Can a company reserve a Slow Cabin?

Absolutely! Companies can rent a Slow Cabin per day or for longer periods of time. However, this cannot be done via the website, send us an email info[at] and discover our B2B services for your team!

Please also visit:

Help, I encountered a problem with my payment!

No stress! Simply contact us using the contact form, or directly at info[at] and we will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

Help, I encountered a problem with my voucher!

No stress! Simply contact us using the contact form, or directly at info[at] and we will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

Help, I have to cancel my stay!

Oh no, that is too bad! Contact us as soon as possible at info[at] and we’ll look for a solution together.

About your stay

Can I book or reserve meals?

We do not offer meals directly however are working on options for breakfast delivery and evening snacks from local providers.

In the cabins, you have access to an equipped kitchen with a small gas burner and a wood BBQ, so make sure to pack your chef’s hat if that’s your thing.

It is entirely up to you whether you bring food along (or prepare at home to heat up in the cabin), buy daily fresh ingredients in the local shops or to go to a restaurant in the local village.

In our brochures, which we send to you two weeks before your stay, you will find all kinds of delicious tips on where to buy fresh local produce and where to find the best restaurants.

Stay tuned for some exciting local collaborations!

What are the cabin check-in & check-out times?

Check-out: at 10 a.m.
Check-in: starts at 3 p.m.

Which amenities are present in a Slow Cabin?

Slow Cabins® are relatively small houses (<40 m2) which contain everything you need and nothing you don’t need.

Each Slow Cabin is equipped with a queen-sized bed (including linen), a bathroom with a warm shower and toilet, a wood-burning stove in the living room, a small, furnished kitchen with a refrigerator, a cooktop with two burners, flatware/silverware, cookware and utensils, a wood-burning barbecue (outdoor) with a grill plate and outdoor furniture. Everything you need to light the barbecue is at hand.

The most basic ingredients and supplies for the kitchen and bathroom, such as olive oil, salt and pepper, coffee and tea, soap and towels, are also present. Find a complete overview on everything that is present in the cabins on our Time for Two  cabin pages.

Our aim, by only providing the absolute necessities, is to give our guests the gift of peace, quiet and happiness. You can book your cabin here

Are there activities in and around the Slow Cabin?

Definitely! Two weeks before your stay, we will send you not only the info about the location of your cabin but also a brief guide to all the fun activities that are on offer in the vicinity of your Slow Cabin. What’s more, in the cabin itself you will also find various walking routes and brochures.

I am bringing a small child. What else should I bring with me?

We love kids and families! Upon request, we can also provide additional accessories (e.g. a baby cot) for up to 1 child in certain. Please select this option under ‘extra services’ when making your reservation.

And please also remember that Slow Cabins® are relatively small houses (<40 m2) with limited storage space. We have purposefully chosen to only provide the absolute necessities in the Cabin, so that we can ensure maximum peace, quiet and enjoyment for you and your family.

Therefore, we recommend that you only bring along the most important personal belongings, like a little book, a teddy bear, a feeding bottle, etc. Sit back and let us organise everything else, so that you and your loved ones can relax to the max!


Are the cabins safe?

Safety is our highest priority. Our cabins are located far away from the busy world, although they are always situated in safe and accessible (for emergency services) locations in nature. We always provide you with the telephone numbers and addresses of the local emergency services. We do recommend that you bring along appropriate outdoor clothing (more on this once you book!). There is a First Aid kit in the cabin as well as a fire extinguisher, in case of emergency.

I have made a reservation during the winter. Is it cold at that time in the Slow Cabin?

Our Slow Cabins® are very well insulated, using only natural materials. Inside the cabin, there is a high-efficiency wood-burning stove that warms up the enter space in no time. Nice, warm and cosy, even for the most chilly ones among us!

Is the wood for stove and the campfire provided?

Your Cabin is equipped with enough burning wood and fire starters for your entire stay. This way, you don’t have to reserve, gather or bring your own. At Slow Cabins ®, you can be sure of a warm and cozy stay but always be mindful of firewood usage, the stoves are super efficient and the cabins warm really easily!

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